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Fretted Instruments

Instrument Repairs

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The Seagull Project

Brass and Woodwind

The Gibson J45 Project

The instrument is fully disassembled, degreased, ultrasonically cleaned, hand washed, reassembled, and hand polished.

The Guild D-35 Project


We offer the unique service of ultrasonic cleaning. This is the process of using vibrations to cause small vacuum cavities to collapse and act as a micro-scrubbing effect inside of a sanitizing liquid. Your instrument is cleaned more thoroughly than ever before.

Cornet         $80.00
Flugal Horn         $80.00
Trumpet         $80.00
Trombone         $100.00
French Horn         $120.00
Euphonium         $130.00

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The Process

  • Pad replacement - This can range from one pad to an entire set.
  • Cork replacement 
  • Dent removal
  • Sanitization (Pad mite infestation) 
  • Parts replacement
    • ​We are an official dealer of Conn-Selmer parts and can order any brand parts they sell.
  • ​Adjustment and regulation (AKA playing condition)
  • Solder work (broken parts)


  • Restring
  • Setup (adjusting instrument into playing condition)
  • Floyd Rose Setup
  • Nut Replacement (Plastic or Bone)
  • Compensated Saddle (Plastic or Bone)
  • Bridge Re-glue
  • Bridge Replacement (With Pre-made)
  • Fret level, crown, and polish
  • Re-fretting
  • Crack Repair (Structural Only)
  • Re-glue Headstock
  • Install pickup
  • Electronic part replacement
  • ​Custom Electronics