Ultrasonic Cleaning

The instrument is fully disassembled, degreased, ultrasonically cleaned, hand washed, reassembled, and hand polished.


The Process

We offer the unique service of ultrasonic cleaning. This is the process of using vibrations to cause small vacuum cavities to collapse and act as a micro-scrubbing effect inside of a sanitizing liquid. Your instrument is cleaned more thoroughly than ever before.

Brass and Woodwind

  • Restring (free with purchase of strings)
  • Setup (adjusting instrument into playing condition)
  • Floyd Rose Setup
  • Nut Replacement (Plastic or Bone)
  • Compensated Saddle (Plastic or Bone)
  • Bridge Re-glue
  • Bridge Replacement (With Pre-made)
  • Fret level, crown, and polish
  • Re-fretting
  • Crack Repair (Structural Only)
  • Re-glue Headstock
  • Install pickup
  • Electronic part replacement
  • ​Custom Electronics

Have a repair not listed above? Give us a call at 530-661-2FIX and we'll let you know or recommend someone who can help.

Fretted Instruments

Instrument Repairs

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  • Pad replacement - This can range from one pad to an entire set.
  • Cork replacement 
  • Dent removal
  • Sanitization (Pad mite infestation) 
  • Parts replacement
    • ​We are an official dealer of Conn-Selmer parts and can order any brand parts they sell.
  • ​Adjustment and regulation (AKA playing condition)
  • Solder work (broken parts)


Cornet         $80.00
Flugal Horn         $80.00
Trumpet         $80.00
Trombone         $100.00
French Horn         $120.00
Euphonium         $130.00