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Davids' Broken Note offers needed services to school districts across Northern California. Our primary services include, Musical Instrument (Asset) Management, Yearly Maintenance Contracts, and Large Bids.  
Asset Management Services

Davids' Broken Note is now able to offer peace of mind to entire school districts with our Asset Management Services. We want to make managing large asset's simple and convenient for our clients. Through the use of powerful tools like cloud-based data bases, barcode scanning, maintenance scheduling and asset depreciation, Davids' Broken Note can modernize your existing asset management system. 

Key Features
-Unlimited Users
-Cloud-Based system
-Accessible through mobile application (iOS or Android)
-Unlimited Custom Reports (Most Popular: Asset Depreciation, Maintenance) 
-Configurable Email Alerts (Example: Maintenance Reminder)
-Barcode Scanning *Top Feature for End-of-Year Accounting
-Check-in and Check-out features (Track instrument location and user) *Top Feature for Teachers
-Accidental Damage Events (Track damage caused by user with image uploads)

Tamper Proof Security Tag
Our choice of asset tag is the Tamper Proof Security Barcode Tag. You can tell if they've been tampered with or if someone has “appropriated” your asset. On removal, some leave a checkerboard or a VOID pattern, or try destructible vinyl labels that break apart, leaving evidence behind. Destructible, voiding, and checkerboard void materials are available in plastic and in a variety of colors or designs.

Our Process
  1. Setup Account. Clients will need to provide basic information, such as the number of sites assets will be stored, the number of employees who will have control of those assets, and a cost depreciation percentage used by their accounting or business department.

  2. Travel to Sites. Depending on the number of assets, a typical session for data collection takes between 4 and 5 hours per 75 to 100 instruments. During this time, we will collect serial numbers, model numbers, and take photos of the assets to upload into our data base. Also during this time, we will inspect all assets for maintenance requirements, phase out or DNR (Do Not Repair) of older instruments, and list those assets deemed as "Ready for use." 
A team member will follow up with a quote for assets needing maintenance or replacement.

3. Asset tags. Once all the assets have been accounted for, Davids' Broken Note will order the agreed upon asset tags. Typical time frame for manufacturing and delivery is between 1-2 weeks depending on the number of assets. A team member will schedule a follow up day to travel to each site and label each asset. Each instrument will receive two tags. One to be placed on the instrument and a second to go on the outside of its case for ease of tracking.


4. Invoicing. Our Asset Management Service is invoiced yearly and is accessible beginning July 1st and ends June 30th. School districts interested in our Asset Management Service should feel free to contact us regarding pricing at 530.661.2349 or email us at

Yearly Maintenance Contracts (Service Available-Site Under Construction)

Davids' Broken Note is built on the foundation of quality repairs and maintenance. It has been our experience that music students are far more likely to quit music when first exposed to a non-functioning instrument. I equate this to a student driver learning on a vehicle with only two functioning tires. It's going to be a bad experience, and no one should be surprised why. Just like your vehicle, musical instruments require yearly maintenance. Davids' Broken Note has developed a basic monthly cleaning schedule for students to perform at home for many popular and widely used instruments. Click here for details. Our maintenance schedule makes it possible for school districts to plan their music department budgets, eliminate excess maintenance costs, and better educate students in properly maintaining musical instruments.

Davids' Broken Note is proactive when maintaining a musical instrument fleet in order to avoid larger unnecessary repairs. 
1. Brasswind and Woodwind. Yearly disassembly and cleaning is crucial to avoid dezincification ("Red Rot"), excessive wear of keys, and replace old or worn pads for an enjoyable playing experience for the student.

2.Orchestral. Yearly string removal, fingerboard cleaning with removal of previous players oils, and restringing will keep an Orchestra functioning and sounding fantastic.

3. Percussion. Yearly replacement of drumheads will keep the driving force of a band moving forward. We recommend alternating between the batter head and side (Snare Drum) when replacing. One year the batter head is replaced, the next year the side head is replaced. Bass drum and Timpani heads should be replaced every 3-5 years.

4. Guitar. Yearly string removal, fretboard cleaning with removal of previous players oils, and restringing will keep a guitar program functioning and sounding fantastic. 
Large Bids

Davids' Broken Note is able to leverage its relationship with such large manufacturers as Conn-Selmer, Ludwig, and Alvarez Guitars in order to give school districts the deepest possible discount. Davids' Broken Note goes beyond just selling top tier equipment by offering free value added services. 

1. Cardboard breakdown. Instruments are shipped in double layered boxes in order to keep them safe while in transit. It can takes hours to remove an instrument, breakdown the cardboard, and recycle it.

2. Instrument inspection. Even though these instruments are packaged very well, accidents happen, or possibly a defect was missed during inspection. Davids' Broken Note takes the time to inspect each instrument carefully and takes note of any defects or shipping damage and reports it in order to receive a replacement.

3. Asset Management. Davids' Broken Note offers a free version of our Asset Management Service of up to 50 Assets, to schools when they purchase an instrument from Davids' Broken Note. Customers will receive an Excel spreadsheet listing the assets most important information such as Manufacturer, Model, and Serial Number. We also upload a digital record of the asset to our database should the school wish to ever add our Asset Management Service. Our digital profile of the asset will include important information such as warranty timeline, yearly maintenance schedule, the assets expected lifespan, and asset depreciation schedule. Each asset will also be given an instrument case tag so students can write their name and contact information. 

4. Delivery.
After inspecting all the instruments, and after establishing asset data in our Asset Management system, a team member will contact you and setup a delivery.
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