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In-House Services

Davids' Broken Note is happy to offer our In-house service to clients that may not have the ability to offer an In-house technician for their students and or customers. We will travel to your location with our own equipment and supplies to inspect, quote, or repair stock instruments.

  • In-house Repair (Work space Required)
  • Pickup and Drop off of Instruments
  • Staff Training on Care and Maintenance
  • Store Stock Maintenance and Repair

What types of repairs are performed In-House?


With a proper work space and a mild selection of tools and supplies, we can service an average of 60% of repairs that come across our In-House workbench. These repairs include Adjustment and Regulation of Woodwinds, Pad Replacement, and Cork Replacement for instruments that are regularly serviced. (Instruments that are not serviced yearly will need more work and may not fall into this category.)


Brasswind maintenance typically means "Cleaning," this we do not do In-House because it requires use of an industrial cleaning machine called the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine.(See our Brasswinds Repair page for a video of this service.) Because Brasswinds have fewer moving components than Woodwinds, Adjustment and Regulation is not needed nearly as often. Brasswinds use differing viscosities of lubricants. Slides need a thicker grease while valves need a thinner oil with the exception of the trombone handslide needing slide cream. All oils, greases, and creams become dirty with use. They dry and thicken with time causing components to either stick or freeze. Adding new oil, grease, or cream may help temporarily but depending on how often the instrument is disassembled, de-greased, and cleaned this will only be a bandaid. Brasswind instruments need yearly deep cleanings. Imagine your instrument like your teeth. If you don't brush and floss for a year, its going to cost more when you finally do see the dentist. Even those who do brush and floss still have to see a dentist but the job is less painful.


Fretted instrument maintenance typically means restringing and cleaning of the fingerboard, body, and electronics. Repairs include tightening tuners, straightening necks, replacing nuts and or saddles, replacing worn frets, crack or finish work, or electronic soldering.


Davids' Broken Note does not believe in hiding pricing. We are very upfront with how much our services cost and we stand by those prices. (Check out or current pricing here) Our pricing is subject to change from year to year depending on work flow so if you have any questions do not hesitate to call and ask. Estimates over the phone however are only temporary until we can actually see the instrument and write up an official Quote. Estimates are honored for 30 days. If you are a music store, school, or lessons based business, we do offer discounts for "Rental" or "Stock" instruments depending on quantity. Give us a call with details regarding your institutions budget, a breakdown of instrument quantities, and current maintenance schedule for more information.

Setup an appointment today! We are happy to workout a day in which we can travel to your location and inspect your potential work area, inspect Rental or Stock instruments, and schedule weekly pickups and dropoffs.

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