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Orchestral Repairs
Violin, Viola, Cello

Davids' Broken Note is now offering basic Orchestral repairs i.e.; Restringing, bridge replacement, soundpost replacement, & new pegs.
Orchestral Restring

Just like any other wooden stringed instrument, needs regular maintenance in order to continue sounding great. Strings should be replaced every few months, see our suggested instrument maintenance schedule. When strings are removed, it is the easiest time to do a little TLC to make your playing experience all the more enjoyable.

Suggested Maintenance
- Lemon Oil Fingerboard (To hydrate)
- #0000 Steel Wool Fingerboard (To polish)
- Paraffin Wax Fingerboard (To make slick)

Replacement coming soon, as well as video. Currently editing.
Endpin Replacement

A violin's endpin is what the tailpiece attaches to, and thus the strings to the body of the violin. An endpin should be made of;

1. Solid Ebony
2. Have a tight fit in the tailblock
3. Snug against the violin's body

If an endpin breaks apart, its best to remove the old and ream the hole for a new tight fitting endpin.

Fingerboard Repair

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