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Instruments available through the website are what is currently in stock. We will be ordering more instruments as needed or requested. If you are interested in a specific instrument email us at and we will set aside your preferred instrument when it arrives.

Our complete list of instruments possible for Rent-To-Own are as follows:
Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone, Euphonium,
Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax,
and Acoustic Guitar. Left handed available.







Rentals F.A.Q


What information do I need to provide?
We require a name, address, phone number, drivers license, email, employment information, and credit card.

Why do I need to provide my employment information?
Davids’ Broken Note requires all Rental customers to provide Employer information for the purpose of verifying income (if needed) and collections if “Renter” should default on payments.

What is the minimum number of months I can rent an instrument?
Two months.

How long are the contracts?
Rent-To-Own contracts are month to month and can be canceled at anytime. 

Am I required to purchase the instrument I'm renting?
No. All rental customers are free to return the rented instrument at anytime, however, should the renter reach the final payment the instrument will automatically no longer be the property of Davids' Broken Note. 

Do I need the "Maintenance Option?"
We here at Davids' Broken Note recommend that all renters opt to have the "Maintenance Option." Accidents happen, especially with children, and no one wants to have a surprise bill on their hands.

What does the "Maintenance Option" cover?

Our “Maintenance Option” is $7.00 a month and covers mechanical issues relating to the instrument that are not caused by damage or misuse. Our Large Brass and Woodwind “Maintenance Option” is $10.00 a month. Should damage occur, the customer will be liable to pay for damages and or replacement parts if needed. “Renters” with the “Maintenance Option” may be offered a “Loaner” instrument, pending availability,  while the original instrument is being repaired. The customer then agrees to take any and all liability while using the “Loaner” instrument. Should damage exceed more than half the instruments listed value on the contract, Davids’ Broken Note reserves the right to charge the customer for the full price of the instrument. The customer would then own the instrument and the contract would be considered fulfilled. “Maintenance Option” payments are not applicable towards the purchase or fulfillment of Davids’ Broken Note’s  Rent-To-Own contract. 

It is understood that “Renters” who do not opt to have Davids’ Broken Note’s  “Maintenance Option”, will pay for any and all issues at current shop pricing. This applies to active Rent-To-Own contracts as well as Returned instruments.

Davids’ Broken Note’s “Maintenance Option” covers once a year, a full professional cleaning of the rented instrument. Brasswind instruments, both large and small brass, will receive an Ultrasonic Cleaning. Woodwind instruments, both large and small, will receive a Clean, Oil, and Adjust. Cleanings do not accumulate, and are not subject to any type of reimbursement should the “Renter” not bring the instrument in for cleaning.


Rental Contract

Rental Contract PDF
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