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Guitar Repair Pricing

Have a repair not listed below? Give us a call at 530-661-2FIX and we'll see what we can do or recommend someone who can help.
All repairs are based on $90/hour and all estimates are valid for 30 days.

"Rush Service" Policy
Davids' Broken Note works on a first come first serve basis, however for emergencies we do offer a "Rush Service." Should you choose to use this service, your instrument will be moved to the head of the queue for an additional $30 or 30%, whichever is greater. Customers should therefore be aware of the possibility of another customer moving ahead of them in line.

"Bench Fee" Policy
Davids' Broken Note has a minimum bench fee of $30, which acts as a deposit and would be applied to any prospective repair
performed by Davids' Broken Note.
Individual Fretted Services


Restring Steel: $40 (+ cost of strings)
Restring Nylon: $40
Restring 12-string: $45

Setup: $120
Setup 12-string: $140

Install Custom Bone Nut: $90
12-string: $100

Install Custom Bone Saddle: $100
12-string: $120

Install Custom GraphTech Nut: $80
10 or 12-string: $100

Install Custom GraphTech Saddle: $80
10 or 12-string: $100

Crack Work

Individual Cleat: $35

General Crack Repair
Starts at $50


Restring: $40 (+ cost of strings)

Setup: $120
Floyd-Rose: $140
10 or 12-string: $140

Custom Bone Nut or Saddle: $90
10 or 12-string: $110

Custom GraphTech Nut or Saddle: $80
10 or 12-string: $100

Electrical Soldering
Starts at $40

Full Rewiring

Les Paul: $195
Telecaster : $200
Stratocaster: $220
Hollow Body: $250

(Includes: Pots: CTS
Capacitors: Orange Drop
Pickup Selector: Oak Grigsby or Switchcraft
Jack: Switchcraft)

Individual Fret Replacement: $40

Fret Level, Crown and Polish: $275

Refret Nickel: $450

Refret Gold Evo: $500

Refret Stainless: $550

Taylor Guitar Service Packages


Level 1 $95

-Stabilize guitar at proper humidity level

-Tuner tightening and adjustment

-Truss rod adjustment

-Inspection of electronic system and installation of new battery.

-Fretboard cleaning and conditioning utilizing Dunlop Lemon Oil

-Installation of D’Addario XS Coated, High
Carbon steel strings (Click link for demo)

-Clean and polish utilizing Dunlop 65 Platinum (Click link for demo)
Level 2 $240

(Taylor Specific Service)

-Includes all services of Silver

-Neck reset angle adjustment

-Fret Dress

-Tusq Nut and Micarta Saddle adjustment or replacement (as needed)

-Bone nut and saddle (added cost $70 ea.)

Level 3 $375

(Taylor Specific Service)

-Includes all services of Silver and Gold

-Partial refret (up to 10 frets) 
(Nickel Silver Fretwire)

Full refret $ 475
(Nickel Silver Fretwire)

-Bone nut and saddle (added cost $70 ea.)

Hydration Package $240

The finest way to hydrate the wood in your guitar. For extremely dry guitars it will take up to
two weeks to re-hydrate and return your guitar and its case to optimum humidity.

-Includes 1-Humdipak by D'Addario (value of $24.99) and lasts up to 3 months

-Fretboard or bridge crack repair if needed (added costs for top or body cracks)

-Level sharp or uneven fret ends
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