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​Authorized Warranty Center

Davids' Broken Note is proud to say that we are an Authorized Warranty Center for Taylor Guitars, The Cordoba Music Group and Guild Guitars, Ibanez of Hoshino USA, and Godin Guitars.

Customers have asked me "What is the most important thing I can do to take care of my Guitar?" I tell them, "Humidify your guitar." My shop is in California so some customers are surprised when I say humidifying your guitar is so important. During the summer, temperatures can reach 105 degrees and during that time the AC is running most of the day. It is a key component that an AC removes moisture from the air in order to cool your home. The downside is that moisture is also removed from your guitar. I highly recommend you checkout Taylor Guitars article Symptoms of a Dry Guitar. Taylor Guitars has done some of the most comprehensive research into guitar humidification and breaks down what can happen over time. Most importantly potentially VOIDING YOUR WARRANTY for any humidity damage. Most manufacturers have some sort of policy that considers humidity damage to be misuse and is not covered under warranty. If you're an owner of a guitar from any of these respected manufacturers I hope you'll take the time and read what they have to say in regards to maintenance. 

Manufacturer Recommended Care

Taylor Neck Reset

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Custom Installation

We are happy to announce that as of 2019 Davids' Broken Note is now an Authorized Installer of Bartolini Pickups. Click on the banner to look through Bartolini's range of Electric, Acoustic, and Bass guitar pickups. If you're looking to manipulate your tone further, checkout their selection of EQ Preamps and Preamp Buffers. When you've decided on a pickup, just let us know and we'll order it, inspect it, and install it to Bartolini's standards.

Bartolini Artist Showcase

Zlatoyar is a Ukrainian bass player born in the early 1990’s. His musical path started from listening to classical rock and blues which inspired him to get musical education. He went to music school at his hometown and at Glier music university in Kiev. He spent a considerable amount of time augmenting his education with progressive bass guitar he learned from YouTube and bass video schools like John Myung, Victor Wooten, John Patitucci and other bass masters. Now Zlatoyar is a session live and studio musician, he plays pop music, fusionjazz, hip-hop, and rockmetal.
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